History of this Site

For those who are finding us via Twitter, Facebook or word of mouth, etc., I thought I’d fill in a bit of background about the appearance of this digital historians site on a particular Friday in June. It was introduced by Sharon Leon at the “Working Group for Digital Historians” unconference session at THATCamp Prime, proposed at http://chnm2013.thatcamp.org/06/06/working-group-for-digital-historians/. You’ll also find a link on that page, at lower right, to the “Notepad” of session notes created collaboratively during the session (or go directly to http://chnm2013.thatcamp.org/notepads/digital-historians-working-group/).

(Update 6/9: Recommended Twitter hashtag is #dhist.)

Thanks go to Sharon for creating  the session proposal and this site!


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