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Help Build the Wiki

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Hi all, I started a few pages in the “Wiki” section of this site, devoted to sharing links to “Resources,” broadly defined. I know that’s an overly obvious thing for us to do, but it does seem like a good starting point, and a way for some of us to start getting involved with the site (and getting used to this Commons In a Box software). There’s no need to reinvent existing wheels, however, so if there are other good portals or aggregators of useful digital-historical tools or content, please point to those too.

For now, if you go to “Wiki” from the lefthand menu, you’ll see a listing of pages with their metadata. That will change to something more elegant at some point soon. In the meantime, click into the individual pages, or go to which has links to the other Resource pages.

Nothing is carved in stone here, so please improve the pages as you see fit. And by all means please start other pages! They can be “children” of the “Resources” page (if so, please add a link to the main “Resources” page), or you can dive in on some entirely different topic. Just keep in mind that each of the groups can also make its own wiki, so try to stick to site-wide topics of interest in the general one.


ps. As I learned the hard way, avoid using colons in your wiki page titles.


History of this Site

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For those who are finding us via Twitter, Facebook or word of mouth, etc., I thought I’d fill in a bit of background about the appearance of this digital historians site on a particular Friday in June. It was introduced by Sharon Leon at the “Working Group for Digital Historians” unconference session at THATCamp Prime, proposed at You’ll also find a link on that page, at lower right, to the “Notepad” of session notes created collaboratively during the session (or go directly to

(Update 6/9: Recommended Twitter hashtag is #dhist.)

Thanks go to Sharon for creating  the session proposal and this site!