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Site performance

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[Okay — I’ve implemented the caching plugin. I think this will really help. –sml]

Hi everyone,

I know that the site is running slow — hanging on load, etc. I’ve got a highly recommended caching plugin that should help with that. Once I get it set up, things should get better.

For now, I appreciate your patience and your enthusiasm about coming together to share our work in digital history.

Take care,


Calling all Digital Historians

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Lots of active historians do digital work, and we should be doing more to connect with one another so that we know about ongoing work and can foster collaboration.

So, register yourself, and you can tell us about your work, your ideas, and the ways that you are interacting with other digital historians. Join a Group or start one. Get involved.

Everyone is welcome!

[Resolved with ReCaptcha (June 9, 2013)] The spam users have found us, but I would still like to leave the registration open for now with subscriber permissions that I will upgrade for real members as soon as I possibly can.

Eventually, I’ll have to look for some volunteer administrators/editors.